The pump is the heart of any water jetting system, and NLB pumps are designed for maximum performance with minimal wear, cycle after cycle.
NLB designs are simple for you to service, but built with things like carbon steel fluid cylinders with nickel plating and stainless steel valves for long life operation. And if you’d like more flexibility from an older NLB triplex or quintuplex unit (also simpler maintenance), ask us about retrofitting it with one of our new convertible pumps.

We also provide replacement pumps for non-NLB units. Customers tell us that NLB pumps last longer, cost less to operate, and provide a user experience unsurpassed in the industry.

NOTE: Actual pump capacity is approximately 95% of the displacement.
Horsepower can be computed by using the formula:

BHP = GPM x PSI / 1715