The NLB 40330 pump is an advanced design triplex pump with exceptional flexibility and versatility to efficiently meet the requirements of a wide range of pumping services.  The unit features a simple, rugged design to meet the heavy-duty requirements of continuous operation and to minimize maintenance.

Fluid End Features Include:

A single stainless steel frame plate and swing-out manifold is used for all operating pressures.

The design features minimum volumetric clearance and stress, with maximum shock and pressure resistance.

Passages are drilled to minimize turbulence.

The valve seat and stuffing boxes are precision-machined from high-grade stainless steel.

Stainless steel valves have a rugged, double guided   design that improves valve life by ensuring alignment.  Seats are beveled and are also made from hardened stainless steel.

Pump features solid tungsten carbide plungers.

Power Frame Features include:

Horizontal configuration provides easy access and low center of gravity.

Rugged, cast-iron housing with gravity lubrication and large oil reservoir.

Forged steel crankshaft mounted in heavy duty bearings.

Large-diameter cylinder crossheads operating in full circular guides, fitted with hardened wrist pins

Ground crosshead stub shafts with lipped seals to keep water and dust out of crankcase.

High mechanical efficiency.

Plunger cover for cleanliness and operator protection.