NLB’s patented Spin-Jet® rotating spray system has long been one of the water jet industry’s most effective tools. Our Spin-Jet® floor and grate cleaners (maneuvered like a lawn mower) were originally designed to remove over spray from paint booth grates. Today they are also widely used for removing floor and ship deck coatings, highway stripes, runway rubber, and more… and even for concrete scarification.

Spin-Jet® units reduce labor, operating costs and energy use. We offer eight ergonomic models with a range of pressures, flows and cleaning path widths. Standard features include a dump valve that instantly reduces water pressure to near-zero and shields over moving components, hose and quick-disconnects. Rotary seal and dump valve repair kits are available. Options include 4-arm and 6-arm configurations and pneumatic or hard rubber tires. Some models have vacuum recovery.

Rotating Spin-Jet® units can also be utilized for automated water jet applications, such as parts and fixture cleaning systems, or casting removal. NLB custom-engineers these systems to meet individual application requirements and specifications. For detail areas requiring precise control, smaller units can be mounted on robots.



NLB’s plate-mounted Spin-Jets can be configured to match your exact needs



Quickly remove coatings, highway stripes, runway rubber, and more